• The Learning Forum will become the heart of the school as it integrates learning support, library resources and technology services to provide our digital learners a real space for academic collaboration and inquiry.

    Dr. Susan Elliott, Executive Director, Learning Forum @ TFS and Campaign Supporter

  • From our founding, TFS was committed to accepting talented students regardless of parents' financial means. The scholarship program is a chance to honour our earliest roots and to live, once again, the principles of accessibility.

    Susan Markle, Executive Director of Admissions and Campaign Supporter

  • The Learning Forum @ TFS will complement the school's multi-faceted curriculum, while providing a personalized, enriched learning experience, so that all students can thrive. We believe in the TFS approach to education and are excited to be a part of such a transformational undertaking.


  • We are pleased to support Entrance Scholarships at TFS, as gaining students from diverse backgrounds can only make our school better. We are convinced that an inclusive strategy to attract students from all walks of life will serve the future of TFS well.

    PHIL AND SHERRY EVERSHED, Parents of an Alumna and Campaign Supporters

  • We are pleased to support program enrichment and have chosen to focus our gift on environmental inquiry and sustainability projects. We encourage all families to join us in supporting Soaring Beyond to help ensure that all students continue to receive the very best educational experience.


Welcome Back, TFS Families!

October 6, 2015

I am pleased to extend a warm welcome to all new and returning TFS parents and to share with you the exciting news about Soaring Beyond: The Campaign for TFS. Thanks to your enthusiastic response to the campaign and your generous support of its three strategic initiatives, we have surpassed $8 million toward our $9 million goal.

That is an extraordinary achievement for our school community and one that should make us very proud. We are well on our way to achieving our goals and, with only one year left in the campaign, your continued support of the Soaring Beyond campaign will ensure that all of our children have the opportunity to excel beyond every expectation.

Already we are seeing campaign funds at work across both campuses and in every TFS branch. Learning Forum renovations are underway at the West Campus and the Junior School at the Toronto Campus. You will be pleased to know that the detailed designs and costing for the Senior School Learning Forum are nearing completion. This will enable renovations to get under way once fundraising targets are achieved.

Our Entrance Scholarship program is on track to welcome our first scholarship recipient(s) as early as September 2016. Thanks to your generous support for our Program Enrichment objectives, TFS has been able to purchase new technology, video equipment and musical instruments, as well as enrich academic, arts and athletic programming across all branches. This summer, the Level I/II Art Studio at the Senior School was renovated, adding to the range of classrooms and lab upgrades that were previously made possible through Program Enrichment. From the new West Campus Science Lab, Senior School Language Lab, Junior School Gym to the Art Studios at the Senior School, TFS students are already benefitting from the campaign funds we have raised.

I can tell you from personal experience as a TFS parent that what we are striving to achieve for our students and for the school is worth every effort. We are giving our amazing students even more advantages to succeed and leave TFS fully prepared for wherever their path takes them after graduation.

My daughter Lauren, who is now in her second year at Babson College in Massachusetts, was extremely well prepared for her post-secondary studies, handling her demanding course load with confidence. I have no doubt that her time management skills and her ability to tackle new subjects and excel owe much to the calibre of education she received while at TFS. Truly, there is no other school in Canada like TFS.

I encourage each and every family to support the visionary goals of Soaring Beyond: The Campaign for TFS. We are very close to reaching our monetary goal, and I know that we can make it happen. Now is the time for TFS families who have not yet committed a gift to Soaring Beyond to offer their financial support. Gifts of all sizes are needed and welcomed. 

The Soaring Beyond campaign is ambitious, aspirational, and attainable. Just as we celebrated athletic excellence at our TFS en fête welcome back barbecue and home opener, let’s take a cue from our students and sprint the last leg of this campaign with energy and commitment. Let’s keep up the momentum this year to achieve the full vision of the campaign projects to benefit students for years to come.


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