• The Learning Forum will become the heart of the school as it integrates learning support, library resources and technology services to provide our digital learners a real space for academic collaboration and inquiry.

    Dr. Susan Elliott, Executive Director, Learning Forum @ TFS and Campaign Supporter

  • From our founding, TFS was committed to accepting talented students regardless of parents' financial means. The scholarship program is a chance to honour our earliest roots and to live, once again, the principles of accessibility.

    Susan Markle, Executive Director of Admissions and Campaign Supporter

  • The Learning Forum @ TFS will complement the school's multi-faceted curriculum, while providing a personalized, enriched learning experience, so that all students can thrive. We believe in the TFS approach to education and are excited to be a part of such a transformational undertaking.


  • We are pleased to support Entrance Scholarships at TFS, as gaining students from diverse backgrounds can only make our school better. We are convinced that an inclusive strategy to attract students from all walks of life will serve the future of TFS well.

    PHIL AND SHERRY EVERSHED, Parents of an Alumna and Campaign Supporters

  • We are pleased to support program enrichment and have chosen to focus our gift on environmental inquiry and sustainability projects. We encourage all families to join us in supporting Soaring Beyond to help ensure that all students continue to receive the very best educational experience.


Message from the Chair of the Board

February 25, 2015

TFS grads can succeed anywhere and do anything, with anyone.

This statement of belief sums up our collective aspiration for our children. We want them to possess great academic knowledge and skills, and be inspired by a bilingual education and an international point of view. It is at the core of everything our school does.

My two boys are a little ways off from graduating, since they are in Jardin d’éveil and Grade 1, respectively, but I can tell you that TFS has already provided my family with a true sense of community. It is the daytime home of the two most important people in the lives of me and my wife, Leslie; it is the place that helps our children grow and develop as people.

There is no greater joy for us than when coming to school to see the boys take part in a music performance, or to go into class during parent visits and immerse ourselves in some of their daily activities.

Even at their young age, we can already see the impact of the TFS mission and how it is laying the groundwork for them to succeed in this highly interconnected world.

For this reason, we have personally chosen to support the Entrance Scholarships priority of Soaring Beyond: The Campaign for TFS, from among all three priorities, which also include the Learning Forum and Program Enrichment. We are fortunate to be able to send our children to such a wonderful school and we want to give others, who may not have the means, the ability to do so as well. Far from being an act of charity, we know that by broadening the socio-economic diversity of the student body through scholarships, we also deepen the academic and social experience for all students at TFS.

The TFS community has really stepped up for Soaring Beyond. The West Campus (Mississauga) has raised 85% of the funding needed for its Learning Forum, meaning that renovations will get underway this summer. On the Toronto campus, we still need to reach 70% of the fundraising goal for the Learning Forum before those renovations, too, can begin. While giving to Program Enrichment is very well represented, we have not yet seen the same level of support for Entrance Scholarships, an equally important pillar in this triumvirate of priorities that we identified as a community.

In addition to our financial gift, both Leslie and I have found meaningful ways to get involved in school life. Leslie is a class rep for both our boys’ classes and I’ve taken on the role of Chair of the Board of Directors. In that capacity, I look forward to working with the rest of the Board and other volunteers at TFS to make the school an even better place. Backing Entrance Scholarships will help give our children the ability to successfully engage anyone, anywhere. Let’s give them our support.

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