• The Learning Forum will become the heart of the school as it integrates learning support, library resources and technology services to provide our digital learners a real space for academic collaboration and inquiry.

    Dr. Susan Elliott, Executive Director, Learning Forum @ TFS and Campaign Supporter

  • From our founding, TFS was committed to accepting talented students regardless of parents' financial means. The scholarship program is a chance to honour our earliest roots and to live, once again, the principles of accessibility.

    Susan Markle, Executive Director of Admissions and Campaign Supporter

  • The Learning Forum @ TFS will complement the school's multi-faceted curriculum, while providing a personalized, enriched learning experience, so that all students can thrive. We believe in the TFS approach to education and are excited to be a part of such a transformational undertaking.


  • We are pleased to support Entrance Scholarships at TFS, as gaining students from diverse backgrounds can only make our school better. We are convinced that an inclusive strategy to attract students from all walks of life will serve the future of TFS well.

    PHIL AND SHERRY EVERSHED, Parents of an Alumna and Campaign Supporters

  • We are pleased to support program enrichment and have chosen to focus our gift on environmental inquiry and sustainability projects. We encourage all families to join us in supporting Soaring Beyond to help ensure that all students continue to receive the very best educational experience.


Giving the Gift of Education

December 3, 2014

As parents and educators, we know that the gift of education lasts a lifetime. At this time of year, when we think so much of giving to others, I am asking all parents to consider supporting Soaring Beyond: The Campaign for TFS through our annual giving program.

The campaign’s three priorities are key to helping ensure that our children will excel beyond every expectation. More than a campaign however, Soaring Beyond’s priorities truly offer a partnership between our school and parents. By giving, TFS parents are providing the school with the financial means to enhance the incomparable gift of education that our students receive.

Establishing a permanent home for the Learning Forum at each TFS branch will accommodate the range of Learning Forum activities and provide a springboard for further program enhancements. These hubs will offer the necessary space for flexible learning, including quiet study and group work areas as well as a home for digital technical resources. Enhanced spaces will also allow for crucial collaboration and interaction between students and Learning Forum staff. Our current libraries are not sufficient to fully deliver the breadth and depth of Learning Forum programs.

To date, we have raised $1.8 million toward the $4 million total project cost to establish the Learning Forum hubs at TFS. We are so grateful for your support. Our Board has directed renovations to begin once we have reached 70% of the project’s cost, which means that we only need to raise $1.0 million before we can start renovations. The donations received thus far have made it possible to undertake the necessary preparatory work for the renovations, and detailed design drawings from Montgomery Sisam Architects are underway. Once the essential pre-work is complete and fundraising targets are achieved, renovations will commence in the fall 2015 for an anticipated opening in fall 2016.

Program Enrichment is the gift that keeps on giving. Parent support for program enrichment means that we can secure continued annual funding for technology and equipment purchases, facility upgrades and program innovations over and above what is normally provided through school operations. The goal of our program enrichment strategy is to make a great educational experience extraordinary for our students. Already, our arts, science and athletic programs have benefitted from funds made available, and these renovations and innovations are enhancing the student learning experience at TFS.   

Our Entrance Scholarship Program embodies the true spirit of giving. Not only do entrance scholarships open a world of possibilities for the recipients, who would not otherwise be able to attend TFS, but they also deepen the educational experience for all TFS students. TFS prepares students for success; but success in the 21st century means being able to connect, learn and work with peers from a wide range of backgrounds. Less than two percent of Canadian families can afford to send their children to an independent school, however. Financial assistance is essential to ensure that TFS continues to be a destination for talented high achievers from many backgrounds.

Three gifts for success, one important campaign. As TFS parents, you are the critical component that will make this campaign soar. Your financial support at this time of year is essential. We simply cannot do this without you. I urge you to give the gift of education this December.

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