• The Learning Forum will become the heart of the school as it integrates learning support, library resources and technology services to provide our digital learners a real space for academic collaboration and inquiry.

    Dr. Susan Elliott, Executive Director, Learning Forum @ TFS and Campaign Supporter

  • From our founding, TFS was committed to accepting talented students regardless of parents' financial means. The scholarship program is a chance to honour our earliest roots and to live, once again, the principles of accessibility.

    Susan Markle, Executive Director of Admissions and Campaign Supporter

  • The Learning Forum @ TFS will complement the school's multi-faceted curriculum, while providing a personalized, enriched learning experience, so that all students can thrive. We believe in the TFS approach to education and are excited to be a part of such a transformational undertaking.


  • We are pleased to support Entrance Scholarships at TFS, as gaining students from diverse backgrounds can only make our school better. We are convinced that an inclusive strategy to attract students from all walks of life will serve the future of TFS well.

    PHIL AND SHERRY EVERSHED, Parents of an Alumna and Campaign Supporters

  • We are pleased to support program enrichment and have chosen to focus our gift on environmental inquiry and sustainability projects. We encourage all families to join us in supporting Soaring Beyond to help ensure that all students continue to receive the very best educational experience.


Bill Webb and Agnes Wong Talk about Soaring Beyond: The Campaign for TFS

June 4, 2014

Ask Bill Webb his favourite French word and he will tell you that it is audace — “hardiesse qui ne connaît ni obstacle ni limite.”It is that fearlessness and an insatiable curiosity that Bill Webb and Agnes Wong are elated to see in their two children, James and Stephen. For these TFS parents, their sons’ inquisitiveness and eagerness to learn may be more important than those excellent report cards. 

“Agnes and I are bombarded with questions every day. Our boys ask great questions. They are excited about learning, and that desire to learn extends into every facet of their lives. That’s why supporting Soaring Beyond: The Campaign for TFS is so important to us. TFS is fertile ground for young minds. It teaches them to communicate with confidence, to find out what others think and to think freely themselves. That openness is the essence of a great education, and TFS provides that.”

Bill and his wife Agnes Wong have been annual donors to the school since they joined in 2005. Dr. Wong, who is Ophthalmologist-in-Chief at the Hospital for Sick Children and Professor of Ophthalmology and Vision Sciences at the University of Toronto, and Bill, Executive Vice President and Chief Investment Officer of Gluskin Sheff + Associates, are  pleased to be Honourary Co-Chairs of Soaring Beyond, helping to engage families through leadership giving.

Yet for Bill and Agnes, Soaring Beyond is much more than a fundraising campaign. They see it as a singular opportunity to reflect on all that TFS does in terms of advancing academic excellence and nurturing bright young minds. Bill and Agnes also see the campaign as a way to bring the TFS family closer together. This is a special time for TFS parents, they believe, a time for dialogue and communication.

Perhaps it is his experience as a trekking guide leading expeditions in the Himalayas, but Bill has a strong sense of responsibility to others, and he defines leadership in those terms as well. It’s about looking out for others and acting for the greater good. “TFS is an important school, not just for the city but for all of Canada and the world. TFS is educating the leaders of tomorrow. We are educating for generations to come. This is not just for my children, but for all of the children who will one day attend TFS.”

As a multinational family, it was the combination of the International Baccalaureate program and the whole child focus in a co-ed multilingual environment that first attracted them to the school. They knew that the school’s international focus would provide their children with the perspective and education they would need for success, regardless of their career or life path. 

“We had a sense that TFS was on the verge of something great. So we are thrilled to be part of TFS today. This is one of Canada’s most highly regarded academic institutions. This campaign is an opportunity for families to shape the role of the school and its legacy. It’s truly a transformational campaign.”

Their generous gift of $250,000 will also help to transform the campaign’s outcome. “TFS is part of our family and we want to give whatever we can. But gifts of all levels are needed to reach our campaign goal.” Bill and Agnes encourage every family to help, whether they give of their time, talent or treasure. “It’s so important that TFS families step up, because the gift we are really giving is the gift of a great education.”

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